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Measure. Flow.

For your daily mindfulness and yoga practice, we passively measure your brain's ability to reach flow.
Measure flow to manifest joy.

Manifest. Joy.

Wouldn't it be amazing to see how your brain is changing in your daily practice? Of One Mind allows you to see your progress without interrupting your flow.

Be. Of One Mind.

Your practice is personal and part of a community. You want to know the moments of joy and progress you are making, but you can also share your progress with others and evolve together. When you are Of One Mind, you can see these moments as they happen, and know if your practice is hitting home.

Bring objective neuroscience data to your mindfulness and yoga practice.When you can measure true engagement and psychological safety, you can manage life lessons with grace and skill.

Measured. Mindfulness.

You practice every day at building a more perfect version of yourself.But how do you know if you are getting closer?Of One Mind allows you to measure your personal engagement with the world.

Recent. Musings.

Measure. Flow. Together.

Knowing when two people are deeply in-sync is a super power. As strange as it sounds, we all want to impress each other. So, our brains will express that unconscious bias, or even "smile & nod" when we are really dying inside. But brains and hearts don't lie. By measuring your heart, we can actually sense the levels of engagement and psychological safety that your brain feels, but doesn't reveal. Pretty cool, right?

Business Coaches. Wellness Coaches. Counselors. First Dates. Training Sessions. Mindfullness Practice. Pitch Preparation. Sales Training. Relationship Building.Of One Mind is used everyday by people in these fields and many others. Start measuring what matters today by downloading the app in the App Store.


  • How does this work?

    It's all based on some crazy science that shows how your body changes when your brain is connected to an experience. We found that research and figured out how to use an Apple Watch to read people's brains.

  • How many people can join?

    Right now, only you and one other partner. However, paid subscribers will soon be able to add up to five other guests to a session. Check out the information in the app for more details.

  • Can I export the data?

    Yes. For paid subscribers, you can export the detailed information for both you and your session guests.

  • What about privacy?

    We never store or transmit your personal biometric information. Our system converts the data we can read from your Apple Watch into a new metric that cannot be connected back to a personal identity or biometric information.

  • Will it only work with Apple Watch?

    Yes. Today, we only support Apple Watch.

  • Could I use this for UX testing?

    Yes. We are welcoming early beta users for our UX testing solution right now. If you are interested in learning more, drop us note using the form below.

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Joining a Session

Ask your host for the Session Share Code. Once you have this code, you can click "Join" in the mobile app, enter the code and begin.Need to download the Of One Mind app?